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Provide Scholarships to Attend Youth Haven

Happy Child at Christmas

You could be the one God uses to help a child in need feel the reality of His love this Christmas!

Many children right here in America will have a heartbreaking experience this Christmas season. Some will wake up on Christmas morning in a foster home, surrounded by unfamiliar faces instead of loving family members. Many children will not have enough food to eat, and gifts under a brightly lit tree are just dreams. Instead of hugs, laughter, and comfort, a surprising number of children will spend Christmas feeling lonely, forgotten, abandoned, cold, hungry... maybe even unsafe.

When you help provide a scholarship for a child to attend one of Youth Haven’s Christmas retreats, you are ensuring that child will receive love, safety, and encouragement. From breakfast in bed to a fancy Christmas dinner, we make every effort to show the children they are incredibly special. They’ll engage in a wide variety of fun, Christmas-themed activities, make new friends, eat all the scrumptious food their bellies can hold, and sleep in warm, cozy beds.

Most importantly, the children will hear about the birth of Jesus Christ, His sacrifice for them, and the important truth that He will never leave them. They will share in an exciting birthday party for Jesus, and even receive gifts and toys to help show them how deeply they are loved and valued.

These children live in your very own communities. They go to school with your kids and grandchildren, and most people can’t even see how desperate they are. Please don’t let another Christmas go by without giving them the hope of Jesus Christ.

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