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Feed a Hungry Child

Child Eating Christmas Dinner

Your gift of $20 will provide food for a child in need during a weekend stay at Youth Haven.

Many of the children who come to Youth Haven don’t get enough to eat on a regular basis. Often it’s because they are living in low-income homes where putting food on the table is a daily struggle. Other times it’s because the adults in the home simply don’t care enough to make sure the children have the food they need.

One of the first things kids receive at Youth Haven is a healthy snack. We want them to know they will be well fed and cared for, and it helps them feel secure from the moment they arrive.

We also know proper nutrition is essential to a child’s growth, development, and behavior. That’s why we make sure the children receive three healthy, delicious meals each day while they’re with us. In the past year, Youth Haven has served over 16,000 meals to hungry children! There’s no more practical way to show children they are loved than handing them a plate full of good things to eat!

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