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Making a Difference Through the Years

Innocent kids need your help! Children should not have to go to bed hungry or wonder if their needs will be met. They should not bear the bruises of abuse or the emotional wounds of abandonment and neglect.

Your gift to Youth Haven provides a place of love, healing, and hope for boys and girls facing difficult circumstances beyond their control. And it changes lives!

When hurting kids come to a place where they feel safe, loved, and cared for, their hearts become open to the powerful truth that God loves them. We’ve added many facilities and activities at both campuses through the years - pools, adventure trails, gymnasiums, and playgrounds, just to name a few. But the purpose remains the same: to meet the needs of disadvantaged children and share the love of Christ with them. All children attend our programs free of charge, and we don’t receive any state or federal funding. Your gifts make it all possible! Thank you for making a difference!

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