Camp isn't just for summer!

The need doesn't end when the summer draws to a close, so neither do our programs! There are still children living in poverty, foster care, single parent homes, neighborhoods that aren't safe because of gang violence, and other hardships. Things a child should never have to face.

Without you, those kids would not have a safe and loving place to come on the weekends. Your gifts to Youth Haven provide them with plenty of food, a safe and cozy place to sleep, all kinds of fun activities, and caring adults who want to spend time with them - all at no cost to them.

Because of you, we can point them toward the love of Jesus as we meet their needs, and each one of them will receive a Bible to take home. We'll send them post cards, newsletters, and birthday cards. They can visit our kids' web site to read about our themes and Bible reading tips. And they can come back to Youth Haven all throughout the year.

Thank you for helping these kids who need you!

Lars CarlsonIn Him,

Lars E. Carlson
President & CEO

"I am thankful to be taking a part in God's great harvest with you...
It's the best check I write every month."

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