Kids' Klub After School Programs

Youth Haven's Kids' Klub after-school program is a way for our staff to reach out to children in inner city and low-income neighborhoods who may not have an opportunity to attend our on-site programs for a variety of reasons. Each week during the school year, our staff travel to various community centers, housing developments, and apartment complexes in an effort to bring a message of hope to children and families in need. Our Kids' Klub staff share stories, teach verses, do crafts and play games with the kids, award prizes, and serve snacks at each gathering.

Families in these areas are often struggling and sometimes feel forgotten, overlooked, or unwanted by society. Our desire is to show the children and their families that we do care about them and want to be a source of support for them. As parents become familiar with Youth Haven and begin to see the benefit of our programs in the lives of their children, some of the children will be scheduled to attend our on-site programs. And those children who might not be emotionally ready for a week or weekend away from home are typically eager to participate in our Kids' Klub activities in a familiar setting that's close to home.

Our prayer is that the lives of children will be transformed as a result of the love and attention they receive through our Kids' Klub outreach.