Youth Haven is excited to offer free weekend & summer camps for kids who have experienced some type of hardship in their lives. Examples include children in foster care, single-parent homes, or low-income homes. Sponsors provide scholarships so all of these children can attend free of charge.

Our campus is a safe and fun place for these kids. College-age team leaders invest their time, energy, and love into them, serving as positive role models and becoming like big brothers and sisters. Our team approach teaches teamwork and helps develop social skills, while a variety of activities encourage creativity, physical exercise, and self esteem. As a non-denominational Christian outreach, we also teach morals and values that will help the children positively impact their own schools, communities, and the world!

How to Sign Your Child Up for Camp:

Is a social worker or school counselor currently working with your child?

Yes - Please let your child's social worker or counselor know when you'd like your child to come to camp and ask him or her to contact us to get your child scheduled.

No - Please contact Stephanie, our Children's Scheduling Coordinator, at (517) 569-3328 or (520) 466-3093. If your child has never attended Youth Haven before, she will explain the application process to you and send or e-mail you an Individual Household Application. If your child has been to Youth Haven before, she will work with you to get him or her scheduled for an upcoming week or weekend.