"Thank you for reaching out to my daughter through a follow-up letter she received last week. She was so excited that Youth Haven staff was not only thinking about her, but wrote her a letter and included an activity." -Adoptive Mother


Youth Haven's follow-up process is aimed at maintaining a relationship with the children who attend our programs and helping them remember everything they learned while they were here. We do this through a few strategic methods.

Return Visits to Youth Haven

Our hope is that the children who have come to our campuses will return many times throughout their childhood years, so we can continue to build a relationship of trust with them, support them, and be a steady positive influence in their lives. Children are encouraged to return once per season, which means they could attend camp up to five times a year: winter, spring, summer, fall, and Christmas. This allows us to maintain a good balance of new children with returning children.


Follow-Up TrailbooksEvery child who comes to Youth Haven receives a "Trailbook" to take home. The Trailbook is their guide to knowing God and finding their way in the world around them: the Bible. It has a customized cover and eight full-color pages on the inside, designed by our staff to explain what the Trailbook is, why it's important to read it, some of our favorite stories and verses, and how to find them in the Bible. Many of the children we serve have never owned a Bible, so sending them home with their very own copy is important to our follow-up efforts.

Letters and Newsletters

All boys and girls who come to Youth Haven will begin receiving our "Kids' Connection" newsletters, which include Bible stories, fun activities, verses to read in their Trailbooks, information about what's happening at Youth Haven, and an invitation to come back. Kids also receive follow-up letters after they have attended a retreat, and any child who writes to Youth Haven receives a personal response. Every piece of correspondence includes reminders that God loves them, and that we love them and are praying for them.

Follow-Up Birthday CardsBirthday Cards

Even with the current popularity of e-mail and social media, every child loves to get a birthday card in the mail! Sending birthday cards to all the Youth Haven children on their birthdays is an important way for us to show them we are thinking about them and they are important to us.

Youth Haven Kids' Web Site

Kids today spend a lot of time on the Internet. Why not give them something wholesome and encouraging, that keeps them connected with Youth Haven? Our children's programming team is developing a kids' web site that will engage the children in stories, games, pictures of our campus, Trailbook reading plans, and activities related to our seasonal themes. There will also be information about how they can get signed up for an upcoming weekend or summer camp.

Help Provide Follow-Up Materials

Since all disadvantaged children come to Youth Haven free of charge, all of these follow-up materials are paid for by private donations. Your gift could put a Trailbook in a child's hands, provide an encouraging letter or newsletter, or let kids know we're thinking about them on their birthdays.

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