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Birthday Brigade

Kids deserve to feel special on their birthdays!

Our Birthday Brigade is designed to make that possible for disadvantaged children who are part of the Youth Haven programs and live locally. We make arrangements with a parent or guardian ahead of time, then pay a surprise visit to the child on his or her birthday! Our staff arrive with Harvey or one of his friends, a birthday gift, and freshly baked treats for all the kids in the family.

It's another way we are able to be involved in their lives, even when they are not with us on our campus. And it gives us a chance to remind them they are loved - not only by us, but by our amazing God, who treasures them and created them for a very special purpose!

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"OH MY GOODNESS!!! That was AMAZING!!! We got a nap in and I woke the kids up to your staff with arms of goodies for our August Birthday crew! They didn't know what was going on at first, like they were dreaming - it was just too good to be true. It was so much fun!! Please tell everyone there we LOVED EVERY SECOND and are so so so very grateful!" -Parent

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