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Adventure Club background.jpg
Adventure Club logo with Harvey and Frie

Harvey and his friends are thrilled to invite children between the ages of 7 and 13 on a brand new adventure! The Adventure Club is a free program that engages kids with Youth Haven online and through the mail. We’re excited to include this program as part of our extensive follow-up ministry. We’re also inviting disadvantaged children all around the country to join the Adventure Club on our kids’ website at

Kids who join receive a welcome kit containing some fun adventure items, a membership card, and an exclusive code granting them access to exciting Adventure Club videos, activities, and more online. They’ll also begin to receive a new publication just for Adventure Club members called the Compass, which will arrive in their mailboxes packed with Bible stories, activities, and Harvey and Friends challenges they can complete for prizes. All of this is focused on sharing the Gospel with children who might not be hearing Biblical truth anywhere else.

But the Adventure Club offers something even more important than fun activities and videos. It offers kids who may be feeling left out and lonely a chance to be part of something unique and special. A chance to belong.

Thank you for making this possible through your gifts!

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